More Tips from Amazon’s Wedding Gift Registry

Posted by Azure on June 25th, 2009
As we told you last week, your favorite online bookstore,, has a brand new wedding gift registry service. One of the best things about doing your registry at Amazon is that you can register for all sorts of items you might not think of getting at your typical department store.

Check out this info from their section on registering for personal care items: Scales and Health Monitors

You might think there is nothing romantic and exciting about a bath scale or blood pressure monitor, but with new technology mixed with state-of-the-art design, these aren't your parents' health devices. Highly accurate body composition scales allow you to measure not only weight and body fat percentage, but also body water and muscle mass, giving you keen precision in your goals to a healthy body makeup.

The next step is making sure your blood pressure and heart rate are at healthy levels for your body type and age. Unfortunately, no matter how fit and healthy we strive to be, we can't control genes or stressful situations in our lives. Be aware of your health risks and encourage each other on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Massage and Relaxation

A weekly professional massage would be glorious, but who has the time or money? You and your partner can unwind at home and soothe aching muscles from head to toe with therapeutic back and foot massagers. Easy enough to use by yourself, but more fun and relaxing together. Go for extreme indulgence with Swedish and Shiatsu massage chairs that are sure to promote health and spiritual well-being. Personal Care Appliances 
Part of starting your healthy life together is looking your best. We have the tools to achieve dazzling white smiles and to keep you fabulously well-groomed. Choose from high-tech power toothbrushes (some can even solve the cap on or off debate) and self-cleaning electric shavers that give you kissable smoothness shave after shave.

What do you think? Should people register for personal items, or stick with the dishes and towels?
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