Amazon Wedding Registry Tip: The Bar

Posted by Azure on September 17th, 2009
Today’s amazon registry tip is something I think we can all appreciate… bar and wine! Bar & Wine
This chart shows a variety of beer, wine and cocktail glasses perfect for all your barware needs.

Setting up your first bar together can be a lot of fun--and not because you'll be sampling a lot of drinks! It's a chance to bring your own personal style to entertaining by choosing barware that shows off who you are as a couple. Are you Rat Pack wannabes who'll need a sparkly gold bar replete with shiny art deco shakers and every alcohol imaginable? Or are you wine aficionados who desire the very best vintages stocked in an elegant maple rack? Or both? Stocking the Right Glasses

It seems that every drink needs its own special glass, so you'll need to stock your cabinets with a good variety to be ready for every request. Martini and cocktail drinkers will want their beverages served up in stylish cocktail glasses. The mixer set will need tall highball glasses of 6 to 12 ounces. You'll want to have solid old-fashioned glasses for the rest of the crowd. And, of course, you can't forget wine and champagne drinkers, who require goblets and flutes. With all these glasses floating around, you might want to throw in a set of wine charms so your guests can identify which drinks are theirs! Accessorizing Your Bar

When setting up your bar, a number of accessories will come in handy. You'll definitely need a jigger or other measuring tool, a stirrer for drinks you don't shake, and a bottle opener and corkscrew. Additionally, you may want to have a strainer, ice bucket and tongs, blender, zester, small cutting board, bottle stopper, and cocktail picks on hand. A handy way to grab the basics is to choose a bar set with five or six of these items in one tidy bundle. Also make sure to have at least one bar guide in case you get requests for obscure libations.

So, is it too early for a drink?
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