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Posted by Azure on October 5th, 2009
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When looking at a registry online, it is filled with housewares and bedding, much needed items to start a new home but not necessarily gifts from the heart.

If you are a close friend or family member of the couple getting married, and you have spent the last few years celebrating milestones and supporting them through tough times... buying a china set might seem a bit dull in comparison. You wish them the best with everything that comes their way, and a blender might not be what you want your message to convey.

If there is a movie or massage package that you think will fit the couple that they didn't register for, do not hesitate to surprise them. When you put thought into your gift, past what was just on the website the couple will appreciate it even more! They know what they registered for, (most brides I know check their registries every other day to see what has been bought) but who doesn't love surprises? Some other ideas would be to find out where they are planning their honeymoon and purchase them time in the spa or a romantic getaway or restaurant at their location!

One of the best 'off-registry' gifts I have seen recently is a digital photo frame. When you get married you are combining two individual's backgrounds, friends and memories. Personally, I came into my marriage with hundreds of pictures that I was accustomed to having hung around my house. My suggestion for a maid of honor or close family member is to take those pictures that display the many memories and some of their favorite songs and put them in a slide show on a digital photo frame for them to watch. A photo frame is an easy way to keep those memories alive and show off your old college pictures and travel adventures without cluttering up your walls with them!

This is one unique example of how to surprise the bride and groom with a gift not from their registry and from the heart. Make sure to put all of the most embarrassing pictures from their past, ensuring lost of laughter! What have you created or thought up that has set your gift apart?
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