Amazon Wedding Registry Tip: Books and Magazines

Posted by Azure on October 22nd, 2009
If you want to be a well-read couple, check out this week’s Amazon Wedding Registry Tip. Books & Magazines

It's one of the most important questions facing any new marriage: Which books and magazines should we display on the coffee table?
This modern bookcase would be excellent for holding your wedding books.

Whether you lean toward literature, want to improve your cooking or gardening skills, are just looking for entertainment, or are ready to start planning a family, books that match your tastes and passions make great additions to your registry. Handpicked books for serious reading, lazy Sundays, or coffee-table décor can feel more personal to friends and family than that nonstick skillet or flatware place setting.

Registering for magazines lets your guests give you gifts that keep giving all year long. Choose subscriptions tailored to your interests--from movies and food to fitness and travel. Planning a family? Get expert advice from the leading parenting magazines. Need decorating ideas? Register for a home and garden magazine. You can also stay informed with a subscription to a daily newspaper, or skip the serious stuff and go right for entertainment or fashion. Whatever your style, let it shine on your registry.

With the fall of two bridal magazines, what do you think? Do you still read magazines?
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