Recycled Bride: Reinventing the Registry

Posted by Azure on February 3rd, 2010
About Recycled Bride Creative and Earth-Friendly Ways to Get Your Gift On

Think your wedding registry options are limited to stockpots, blenders, and china? Think again! There are tons of innovative ways to make your wedding registry more creative, more personalized, and yes-- more eco-friendly. Nearly 70% of couples live together before getting married, and if you're one of them, it's likely that you already have the things you really need for your home. Luckily, the wedding registry is quickly becoming about more than just housewares. Maybe you want to donate to charity instead of getting gifts, or put a down payment on a house, or fund the honeymoon adventure of your dreams. Perhaps you'd enjoy non-material gifts like spa visits and concert tickets, or you want to start filling your home with sustainable, modern housewares instead of the standard department store fare. Here's how to register for just about anything you want:

By registering at an online store that sells green and Fair Trade products, you'll save your guests a trip to the store, and direct consumer cash flow into the sustainable economy. Viva Terra has an online registry that lets you choose from lovely bamboo sheets and towels, stylish recycled dinnerware, and all-natural home accessories. Greenfeet is a one-stop shop for green kitchen appliances and gadgets. And Branch has super hip, sustainably designed home decor items, including lacquered coconut shell bowls and organic help throw pillows. Shopping with Branch is such a treat that sending your guests there may just encourage them to buy sustainably sourced home items for themselves too! The Alternative Gift Registry, created by New American Dream, is a registry without limits! It lets you ask your guests for anything you can dream up, including non-material gifts like dogsitting, language lessons, and treasured recipes, or contributions to your wedding celebration like envelope addressing and cake-baking. You can also register for products and services from any online store by providing a link to it in your registry. It's that simple! And the Alternative Gift Registry is completely free to use, though you may choose to donate to help them realize their goal of promoting conscious consumer practices.

For couples who believe that 'tis better to give than to receive, The I Do Foundation and Just Give let you request donations to your favorite charities in lieu of wedding gifts. And if you register for traditional wedding gifts through The I Do Foundation, up to 10% of all sales can be donated to a charity of your choosing at no additional cost to you or your guests.

Websites that offer cash registries, like Our Wishing Well, let your guests contribute to a new house fund, a honeymoon, or any other financial goal you'd like to realize. And honeymoon registries like Honeyfund invite your guests to pick up the tab for different parts of your honeymoon. Friends and family can choose to treat you to airfare, a romantic dinner, a jet-ski ride, or a couples massage at the spa. Helpful Links: Wedding Shopping Guide Green wedding ideas Plan your perfect Honeymoon

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