In Defense of Wedding Registeries

Posted by Azure on May 18th, 2010
My wedding anniversary is this week, and I'm feeling a little nostalgic.

My parents got married in the early 1960s. My grandfather gave them the pattern above as a wedding present. Over time, their tastes changed, and the dishes went in the attic.
These dishes are off-white with a retro blue and green circular pattern in the middle

When I went to college, the dishes came with me. I've always loved retro, and never found anything I liked better for everyday use. Over the years I have been able to replace broken ones, and buy new pieces at various antique stores. But, over the past few years I haven't seen them as often.

Enter Replacements, Ltd! For our wedding anniversary this year my parents did some research, found the pattern and gave us a complete set of the small bowls!

I hear so many brides and grooms dismiss registering, or just plot for ways to just get cash. I like cash as much as the next person, but think about this: if my grandfather had just given my parents money I'm sure they would have appreciated it and it would have been put to good use, but the likelihood that we'd remember it today is pretty slim.

Instead, he gave them dishes and almost 50 years later, his granddaughter (me), who he never lived to see, fed his great-granddaughter breakfast in a bowl he gave his own daughter.

I almost didn't register for china myself, but because we have it our family has a "fancy" dinner every Friday night. What we eat isn't always fancy, but we set the table with a tablecloth (also a wedding present) and the good dishes and eat together. I have a feeling that 20 years from now that tradition will be more important to my kids than the check someone gave me for the honeymoon (not that I didn't appreciate that, too!)

Not every gift is meaningful, or is going to last the test of time, but you never know which ones will.

Just a little food for thought. Helpful Links Registry Hints

By the way, if you're looking for an anniversary gift for someone, definitely consider using a service like Replacements, Ltd to flesh out a collection.
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