Tell Your Guests about Your Wedding Gift Registry

Posted by Azure on June 23rd, 2010
Are you looking for a way to let your friends and family know where you're registered, without looking like you're hitting them up for gifts?

Traditionally, the only way to do this was through word of mouth, making sure your mom, mom-in-law and maid of honor knew the answer to "Where are they registered?"
Amy and Jayson’s wedding website shows where they’re registered

Today though, Wedding Websites have become another great way to spread the word. OneWed's wedding websites now have a great tool that lets you add a "Registry" page to your site and then pop the logo for your wedding registry right on to it. You can even write a cute note explaining why you registered there.

Clicking on the logo will take your guests directly to the store's site, where they can find your registry.

Don't forget, OneWed's wedding websites also offer a custom domain name option, to make your site easier for your guests to find! Helpful Links Start Your Wedding Website Tips for Your Wedding Registry
Tell Your Guests about Your Wedding Gift Registry

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