Newlywed Bedroom Design: Decide On Decor Prior To Setting Up Wedding Registry

Posted by Azure on August 31st, 2010
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Who's the interior decorator of your newlywed home, you or your fiance? Most of the time the women are the ones responsible for the style and color of the bedroom, although there are some men I've met who have opinions and are very talented in creating an intimate atmosphere. Mostly from the men I hear what they want to avoid having in their bedroom like girly colors, millions of pillows on the bed and photos of you and your girlfriends surrounding him.

You have to think about your decor prior to setting up your wedding registry, so you can add the furniture and accessories you want & need to create the ideal atmosphere in your room. First begin by deciding what style you want your bedroom to portray: contemporary, classic, minimalistic, country or modern. The style you choose for your bedroom should continue throughout the rest of the house, creating one cohesive, beautiful home.

My advice for the bedroom is to keep it simple. It should serve 2 main functions- sleeping... and sex... and YES this means NO TV in your bedroom! You will be surprised the statistics on how quickly a TV in your bedroom can be a major game changer for multiple reasons. Mainly, if you begin incorporating other activities into your bedroom you will have a hard time feeling relaxed and receiving a good night’s sleep in your bed.

I suggest making the bed the main eye candy in your room. Unless you and your hubby have already discussed certain colors you want, I always say to keep the bedspread neutral. White, navy, black or beige look great and you can play up the colors with a variety of pillows and throws. As mentioned above, don’t go crazy on the number of pillows you have on your bed - most men don't dig digging through them simply to get to sleep.

I love having large floor length mirrors as one of the major pieces in the room. Other ways to play with your decor are creative headboards for your bed, paintings and pictures above your bed or around the room and possibly a lounge chair in the corner. Everything in your bedroom should be clean and organized creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in order to encourage a deep sleep. How are you planning your newlywed bedroom decor? Are you compromising to find colors and furniture that match both of your personalities and style?

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