Tripping the Light… One of a Kind Wedding Shoes

Posted by Azure on September 23rd, 2011
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You know me, I'm always for adding that one wowzer touch of originality. How's this for pulling together your wedding look? One-of-a-kind wedding shoes that look like they belong in MOMA, each and every pair hand-painted and decorated by designer Nora Karen.

Her Etsy shop is a virtual gallery of these beauties, and for adding some extra punch you'll find the occasional clutch. If you love anything peacock check out her special collection of wedding shoes themed after this beautiful bird. She also has a love of Art Deco, incorporating the kind of florals and motifs found in stained glass into her creations.

While shoes in hues have been a wedding trend for some time now, you can take it to the next level with this designer and dance the night away. I just can't think of a more fun and innovative accessory...

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