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Posted by Azure on April 30th, 2009
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Best friend in Atlanta, wedding in Seattle, bride is abroad- who should be your maid of honor?

I'm living abroad and my wedding will be in Seattle. My closest friend from growing up lives in Atlanta, but I have several other close friends who live in the Seattle area that I wanted in my wedding party as well. Knowing that I'm going to need help, should I ask one of those girls to be my MOH (Maid of Honor), even though I'm much closer with my friend in Atlanta? I don't want them to be angry with me for having someone else and then them doing all the work. The Answer:

That said, I think it often plays out that one or two maids are a bit more helpful than another; and this wouldn't be the first time that a MOH wasn't the "team Captain"; but just because your MOH is far doesn't mean she can't be helpful. I would ask who you are closest to, and let your Seattle maids know that you'll be counting on them as part of your "ground team", most likely, they'll be honored by the extra responsibilities. Your ATL MOH can take on other responsibilities like ordering favors, helping to gather addresses and online browsing for dresses. And just remember, you're picking bridesmaids, not wedding planners, and even the bestest friend won't (necessarily) be at your bridal beck and call! So pick with your heart and happy planning.
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