Bridesmaid dresses – Why All The Drama?

Posted by Azure on June 4th, 2009
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Have you had a relationship with a bridesmaiddress that is more tumultuous than Heidi and Spencer’s faux marriage? We know there are lots of women who curse the day bridesmaid dresses were invented, so Bridelines has some tips for brides on how to choose dresses that won’t make your bridesmaids regret answering the inevitable question “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

As your friends are trying to be sensitive to you and your every whim, remember that when it comes to the dress, being sensitive to their needs will ensure that they will be more than willing to cater to your bridal wants. Simplicity is really the key to a successful bridesmaid dress. A simple dress will fit many body types and can be altered more easily than some high fashion runway piece. While the backless silk shantung gown may look great on the mannequin, it may not look as stunning on your friend who’s boobs don’t exactly stand up like Pamela Anderson’s. Be bra friendly!

Why make your friends have to spend additional money on undergarments, when you can just find a simple dress that fits. We know that with modern technology we have witnessed the invasion of multiple kinds of under armor which claim to smooth, tighten and enhance. But how many of you have tried one of those contraptions on with a dress only to find out that the seams show, the bulges just move to another place or the

push up doesn’t quite make you look like Heidi Klum?

Take a look at your bridesmaids. If there bodies look more like a fruit basket than a bunch of bananas, consider the option of different styles of the same dress. Among bridesmaids surveyed, most said that having options is the best thing a bride can choose to do. This way, your friend who hates the way she looks in strapless dresses can wear a halter version and your friend who just had a baby can choose an a-line version that doesn’t hug so tightly in her yet to bounce back belly.

It is essential that you bring girls who have different body types to try on the dresses. If even one of your bridesmaids is self conscious in the dress, it will make that girl unhappy the entire day of your wedding. We know it is your special day, but you do want smiling faces in those pictures.

We know that finding a dress that everyone loves is a challenge. Settle on a dress that is simple, can be worn again and is not super expensive. This way, everyone wins.

If you follow the Brideline tips on dresses, we can be sure your friends won’t be talking behind you back.

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