Bridelines: The Wedding Bailout Plan

Posted by Azure on July 17th, 2009
Despite the failing economy, one thing remains constant - the wedding announcements in The New York Times Style Section. Weddings occur on every weekend of every year, no matter what the stock market says.

Here are some ideas to get you through wedding season without having to search for a bailout plan:

1. Borrow a dress from a friend. No cost, except it would be nice to dry clean it afterwards.

2. Chip in together with your friends for bridal shower gifts - get lingerie (maybe on sale) instead of candlesticks from the registry.

3. For wedding gifts - if you have any artistic talents, use them - such as painting a picture. If you can't draw a stick figure, find a great photo of the couple (learn how to use all of those photo applications on the MacBook you had to have) and have it mounted and framed.

4. Carpool to weddings, showers, engagement parties. If you don't have a car, use public transportation. Buses, trains and subways are available in all cities and who knows maybe you'll get hit on by someone other than a homeless person, you never know!

5. Just because you were invited with a date to a destination wedding, doesn't mean you have to bring one. Leave your husband home with the kids -leave your boyfriend home with the dog. The weekend is much cheaper when there is no plus 1.

6. For bachelorette parties - do one night in the city you live in and have every girl cook a dish. This way you will have a lot of food, can all get together in someone's apartment, eat and go out from there.

7. Have a bridal shower in a bridesmaid or family member's home. The cost of the venue is a large chunk and without this you can still afford to hire a caterer.

8. On the wedding day - don't get your hair and makeup done professionally. Honestly, since it is not your wedding, only you care how pretty you look (especially since you aren't bringing your plus 1) and for the money, we think you can get over it for a day. On another note... Bridelinesis delighted to announce that we have been named a finalist for Wedding Channels Best Wedding Planning Blog award.

In order to win WE NEED YOUR VOTES. It is really simple and you can vote as many times as you want!

The contest ends July 21 (Tues) at midnight. BEST WEDDING PLANNING BLOG (Bridelines is the last one)!
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