Project Bridesmaid: Design Your Own Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Posted by Azure on September 9th, 2009

If you need to get work done today, do NOT read this post!

OK, so after writing about my obsession with OPI’s personalized nail color picker thingy, and my idea to have a toy for designing a wedding dress, a co-worker helpfully gave me a new obsession! Olivia Luca lets you design your own dress, picking the color, fabric, bodice, and skirt and then trying it on a model.

This is perfect for bridesmaids’ dresses because you can email the link to the dress around and let everyone “try it on” for themselves!

I do have one small quibble, which is that when you put in your dress size, the model does not change sizes as well But, this is still a great idea, and a perfect way to spend a boring day at work (not that I ever have those).

If you could create a website that let you "try something" before you buy it, what would it be? House decorating? Hairstyle?Shoes?
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