It’s A Jaime Thing: Tying The Knot…

Posted by Azure on November 10th, 2009
About It's A Jaime Thing ...With A Ribbon Wall!
Beautiful wedding ceremony decor, with ribbon wall, chandelier and pink flowers

Put a whole new twist on "tying the knot" by adding a ribbon wall to your bridal shower or wedding decor...

This could easily be turned into an exciting DIY project - just get a bunch of friends or family together to help tie the knots into the ribbon and then tie the ribbons to a shower curtain rod (or something similar). Hang your art behind the head table or guest table as a fun focal point! Or, use it as a backdrop for your guests to take some fabulous photos against. Lovely!

Planning a DIY wedding? What kind of DIY decor projects are you working on? If you're feeling crafty and want to share your ideas, please do so in the comments below, we'd love to hear! For more wedding inspiration and ideas, feel free to visit the blog I write, It's A Jaime Thing. Happy planning! Photo credits: photography by Jose Villa via Duet Weddings
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