Bubbly Bride: Show your guests THANKS this year!

Posted by Azure on November 23rd, 2009
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Bride and groom have fun posing with fake mustaches, hold Thank You signs

Plan ahead. What would surprise your guests more than receiving a thank you card a month later with a photo of you in your beautiful wedding dress and your husband in his tux holding thank you signs. In the midst of your busy day of primping and preparing, you took the time to take a picture thanking them. It shows that you put time and thought into it and truly appreciated them joining you on your big day.

Not only is it thoughtful, but you are taking advantage of your time with your photographer to take a really great picture. Once this photo is done your thank you cards are easy. You aren't spending hours trying to pick a picture that you and your husband agree on to send out to everyone. You know which photo to attach when your proofs come back and you can design the card around this one photo, address the envelopes and send them out ASAP!

Finally, get creative! You don't have to have perfect calligraphy and bring a big sign that has "Thank You" written on it. Find items around your wedding area that are personal to your venue and write on them. Bring props for this picture, like I said if you put thought into this beforehand you won't have any worries after! Consider a seasonal item such as the pumpkins below, or head to a landmark in the town. Consider dry erase boards, chalkboards or cork boards, they will make it easy and add some character. For example have post-its in your wedding colors pinned to a cork board and hold them up. Simple, but will leave great memories!

Have fun with these photos, they will be your last impression for your family members of your wedding. Make your thank you cards something that your guests want to keep and remember how much fun your event was!

Bride and groom kiss under beautiful arch, hold thank you sign

Tell your wedding guests Thanks with a beautiful picture taken on your wedding day

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