Bubbly Bride: Don’t Let Too Much Time Pass After The Wedding!

Posted by Azure on November 30th, 2009
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Plan a vacation with your bridesmaids and groomsmen post-wedding! A fun and relaxing getaway for the

Your year of wedding planing will fly by and before you know it you will be celebrating your one year anniversary. Trust me! The year of firsts is an exciting one but in the blink of an eye it will be gone! Your wedding is one of the few times when you will have everyone you care about in one place. Once it's over, be sure to continue to keep in touch with those who helped you make it such a special day. smile

How often do you hear "she got married and I never heard from her again," or "He's no fun anymore since he has been tied down"? Don't be that couple that has their best friends standing next to them at the wedding, and then forgets to call them for an entire year because they are wrapped up in their own plans. These are the men and women who have stood by you through everything, now it's your turn to make an effort to keep in touch with them!

The wedding is often a memorable time for everyone, whether the bridesmaids and groomsmen knew each other prior to the big day. If they didn't know each other I guarantee that they spent enough time together to bond quickly and usually end up becoming close friends after a night of dancing and celebrating together!

My suggestion is to plan a trip, somewhere central and easy to get to, somewhere you can all let loose together again (this time without the stress of a wedding). Have a bridesmaids and groomsmen reunion, and have them invite their friends or significant others, nothing formal - the more the merrier! If you're in need of a girls only weekend and the boys need their own time, then divide it up into groomsmen and bridesmaids. That way it is more like a bachelor(ette) party reunion and not a social mixer. Girls can spend time gossiping and the men can do... whatever men do!

After enough relishing in the fact that you get to wake up every day together and call each other husband and wife - officially, start sending out an email to see who is interested. If the group is up for something exotic, plan an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, or if they prefer a quick weekend getaway than choose a central city to meet in like Chicago or Austin, TX. Plan to share rooms to keep the cost down or even renting a condo or beach house with a kitchen where you can cook for each other is a great idea! Cruises are another stress-free vacation idea where no one will be left without entertainment. Everyone will enjoy getting together again and telling stories of experiences and adventures that have happened since your wedding! Where is your next trip planned?
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