Bubbly Bride: How Thick Is Blood? Choosing Your Maid Of Honor

Posted by Azure on February 18th, 2010
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How thick is blood? Sister or best friend as maid of honor?

One of the first thoughts after getting engaged is who will be standing up next to you when you say your vows? Do you want to keep a small bridal party or do you want it to truly be a party and believe the more the merrier?!

Give some thought to who you ask to join you in your bridal party, and especially who you invite to be your maid of honor. I think a lot of girls do not realize the work that goes into being someone's right hand girl. I could write for a week on all of the expectations of a maid of honor... she has a long list of to-dos in front of her with a lot of responsibility.

One big question when choosing your bridal party, which a lot of brides struggle with, is who do I ask to be my maid of honor... my sister or my best friend?

Each of these two relationships have very different dynamics. Your sister is who you have been arguing with since you learned to talk. You have a love/hate relationship that always ends in love. Although you may not live near one another, or spend as much time together, when you see them you know that they are family and no matter what happens - you would be their support every step of the way.

On the other hand your best friend is who has spent endless nights laughing with you, crying and creating adventures with. You know each other better than yourself, every story shares a connection together and she is the first person you probably called when the engagement ring was first put on your finger. She may not be blood, but nonetheless she is a sister in your eyes. So who do you choose? Of course the easy answer is to simply have two maids of honor standing with you. But... when you line everyone up, who is the first girl next to you adjusting your wedding dress and holding your flowers? It's ironic because two of the people you love the most may very well be offended by your choice. And trust me, every bride makes a different decision for a different reason, neither are right or wrong - just their own!

The bottom line is this is your choice. Everyone understands that this is your day and is there supporting you. I pray for every bride that this decision does not become a stressful one, because in the wedding planning process this should be an exciting decision for you! Trust your heart and once you make your decision I know you will realize it wasn't as big of a choice as you thought. You will realize that everyone in your bridal party, no matter the title they are given, are simply happy to be a part of your big day! Helpful Links: Wedding Advice Wedding Planning
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