Bubbly Bride: Dispelling Wedding Rumor Of ‘Kush’ Wedding Jobs

Posted by Azure on March 23rd, 2010
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Who did you ask to be your ushers at your wedding, or your reader, or possibly the greeter who hands out the programs? There are a lot of hands that go into making a wedding day run as smoothly as possible and every one is equally as important as the next. I want to squash a rumor I have been hearing around a variety of weddings. The rumor is that the jobs listed above - along with a few others - are 'cushy' jobs, or roles in your wedding that don't hold as much importance as the next.

I think any bridesmaid or groomsmen can attest, as much as being asked to be a part of the bridal party is an honor, it is also a lot of work. Along with being in a bridal party comes many responsibilities and expectations. I believe sometimes the ushers and readers of the wedding feel as if they are second tier to the bridal party and almost take offense to not being asked to join the group standing up in the front.

This is a problem I think that can be easily solved by a change of mindset. I am sure if the bride and groom could have 20 people standing up next to them they would. It's hard to choose, trust me I know. If the couple is asking you to read an important bible verse or poem, or are asking you to welcome their guests upon their arrival it is honestly because they want you to be a part of their big day. You need to stand up at that wedding and read the poem with the most joy and celebration you have in you. Every job in the wedding makes the day run smoother and creates a unique memorable moment.

There is no such thing has a 'cushy' job when it comes to weddings, personally I am honored just to be invited to a wedding vs. those of you who do get asked to greet the guests and read poems during it should feel extra special! I'm hoping this rumor is quickly squashed and turned around to a much more positive light. Helpful Links: Wedding Planning Advice Plan Your Wedding: Wedding Pre-Party
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