Bubbly Bride: Put Yourself in Your Bridesmaid Dress

Posted by Azure on May 25th, 2010
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Put yourself in your bridesmaids’ dresses- would you feel good wearing this?

We have all heard the saying "Put yourself in the others shoes." I am suggesting that you put on more than just shoes, and put yourself in your bridesmaid dress! Yes, I am suggesting as a bride that you spend the time to literally try on the bridesmaids' dresses before officially choosing 'the dress'.

It is easy to flip through photos and look at dresses on models to pick a dress color/style that you want for your wedding. But you will be surprised, a dress that may knock your socks off in photos and even in person at the bridal shop, when put on, just may not be the right dress. Until you try it on you won't understand your bridesmaid's complaint of "it hits your hip in the wrong place," or "it's too tight you can't move in it." You never know how a dress on a hanger will fit.

When you and your group of girls go shopping for bridesmaids' dresses let them try on the dresses first. If you go to the shop with a certain dress in mind, and after your girls try it on it is not their favorite - don't stress. Take a minute to put the dress on yourself and feel first hand why they don't feel comfortable in it. I heard a smart bride recently say "I would never ask you to wear a dress that I felt uncomfortable/unattractive in." You better believe the girls standing up in that bride's wedding believe that they have a say in which dresses they wear and aren't just being told what to do.

Maybe as a bride you have a picture already in your mind of what your dresses and look for the wedding is, and believe stronger that "beauty is pain". This is fine, every bride is different but don't be surprised if you hear more chattering complaints than encouragement from your bridesmaids on your very important day! Will your bridesmaids have the final say in what bridesmaid dress is ultimately selected for your wedding?
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