Question of the Week: What Regional Wedding Traditions Will You Have?

Posted by Azure on June 8th, 2010
I recently learned about an interesting wedding tradition. Apparently, in the South (especially Texas) if you have women that you want to involve in your wedding but can't have as bridesmaids they become your "House Party." These women can include the guest book attendant, junior bridesmaids, the ladies who pour the punch at the reception. Anyone that has a job, but isn't a bridesmaid.

In some cases this is done because there's only one Maid of Honor, but in some cases it seems to be done because even with five or six bridesmaids, there are still other people who need honors. Sometimes the girls wear the same dresses as bridesmaids, sometimes a dress in a similar color, and sometimes their own dress.

Does your area of the country have any wedding traditions that others haven't heard about? Are you doing anything regional? Are there any traditions you've heard about that you WISH you could do? Helpful Links Wedding Traditions Find Great Bridesmaids' Dresses
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