Recycled Bride: A Budget-Friendly Green Bridal Shower

Posted by Azure on July 19th, 2010
About Recycled Bride Reduce, reuse, and recycle for an amazing and affordable bridal shower celebration!

Whether you're a bride who's involved in planning your own shower, or a friend/relative throwing the party for your favorite engaged lady, you can create a fabulous green celebration for next to nothing. The key is to remember the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) with these tips: 1. Forget about wasteful disposable plates, cups and cutlery. You can set a beautiful and stylish table on the cheap by buying mix and match vintage china from local thrift shops. Use fabric strips from the same shops to make cloth napkins and placemats, and skip expensive, chemical-laden cut wedding flowers in favor of locally grown fresh herbs. After the shower, the bride can keep the table setting for future parties, or you can donate it all back to your local charity thrift shop. 2. Decorations are often made in countries without fair labor laws and travel long distances, only to be used just once. Instead of participating in that cycle of disposable decor, try sites like my very own to find gently used wedding decorations that are just perfect for a coordinated shower look. Some of our recent favorites are martini-themed cake stand centerpieces that let you display dessert as decor, and colorful diamond-shaped paper lanterns for just $3.75 each. You can also use affordable and environmentally friendly soy candles to brighten and warm up your party. 3. It wouldn't be a shower without gifts, and every bride deserves to be "showered" with goodies from her favorite ladies. So how can you cut waste while still enjoying giving and receiving? Start by creating at least one registry at a green store, like The Green Bride Guide's shop, or Viva Terra. And skip the wasteful wrapping paper in favor of responsible packaging like Viva Terra's Furoshiki silk wrap, or a reusable gift bag made of recycled paper. 4. When you plan your shower menu, use as many local, organic, and non-meat ingredients as possible. Choose dishes that are favorites of the bride and dig up family heirloom recipes (I recently made an all-organic version of a chocolate-chip macadamia cookie recipe borrowed from my friend's grandmother!). To avoid food waste, save your glass jars and bottles and set them out with labels and pens, so that everyone can bring home leftovers. What are your favorite green bridal shower ideas?

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