Bubbly Bride: Think Outside The Box When Searching For Bridesmaid Dresses!

Posted by Azure on July 27th, 2010
About Bubbly Bride

I often find many bridesmaids' dresses very... well... ‘bridesmaidy’. Which is why I think that you hear so often ‘I will never be able to wear this again’. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for some brides who are looking for something a little more I think it is worth the search. In my opinion, if you are spending $250+ on a dress, you better love it and want to wear it again. Much of the time I think you can find stunning dresses without even entering a bridal boutique, and sometimes for a better price! One of my favorite dress shops is Nordstrom, or ‘Nordy’s’ as I like to call it. Classy, unique dresses for the same price - the dresses are always well made and delivered with fabulous customer service!

Did you automatically drive to the nearest bridal store to pick out your 'maids' dresses, or did you think outside the box and spend some time searching nearby department or boutique stores? If you spend some time looking you will be surprised at the unique selection you may find. Give your bridesmaids a new look, change up the tradition a bit and find a cocktail dress that is not necessarily made for a wedding. Below are a few of my favorites from Nordstrom, one place I believe that you can never go wrong! Where did you find your bridesmaids' dresses, and what was your opinion of the selection at a bridal shop vs. shopping at a department store? Did you feel there was less of a selection, a difference in quality, or a drastic difference in price? We want to hear it from you!

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