Help Me Rent The Runway For An Early Fall Wedding! Which Dress Should I Choose?

Posted by Azure on August 5th, 2010
I have a wedding coming up on September 4th, and have decided to rent my dress from Rent The Runway. I have more cocktail dresses than I know what to do with, and for the most part, wear each dress only once or twice. So instead of spending $300 on another new dress, I’m renting a designer frock that I couldn’t afford to buy. I absolutely love this concept!

But… with so many fabulous dresses to choose from, I’m having trouble making a decision. So I need your help! A little bit about me…

- I’m a tall drink of water at 5’9, with fairly broad shoulders, long arms and long legs

- My body type is kind of a hybrid between curvy, slender, and athletic (try picturing that one!)

- I have long, dark hair (that I’ll likely wear all down to the wedding) and an olive complexion If you had to pick one of these three dresses for me, which one would it be? And why?

And as I searched RTR for my most favorite dresses, a thought popped into my head, and I’d love to get your take on this…How short is too short when it comes to guests’ attire? If it were your wedding, would you be ok with the length of the Very Violet and the Calla Lily frocks? I want to hear from you, lovely brides-to-be!

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