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Posted by Azure on September 7th, 2010
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Every bride has had at least one low point throughout the wedding planning process. When the guest list and detailed arrangements and opinions pile on top of one another, it will all eventually cave in. While this is supposedly your happiest time - your walk down the aisle may be months away - you find yourself at home, secluding yourself and crying. I write about this not because I am proud of my own low points, but I want every bride to be aware that you are not alone.

A wedding is a monster of its own, and if not managed correctly can grow to be an event that you never dreamed of or even wanted. One guest can become nine guests, a simple centerpiece can become elaborate decor with chair covers with the blink of an eye. Your groom may be involved in the bigger picture decisions, but isn’t feeling the same stress since he is not mulling over the mundane details that can quickly take over your schedule. He may not be searching 20 different sites just to find the perfect bridal shoe, or scouring the web for a wedding invitation design that fits your event.

It is not that your man doesn’t care, but when you reach your low point he might sincerely not understand where your emotional build up is coming from. This is when your girlfriends, and mothers and sisters begin to play an important role in your planning process. If they are already married I guarantee they will be able to remember back to their pre-wedding days and be able to pinpoint at least 1 situation where they unexpectedly broke down over something that seems insignificant years later. Call these women and past brides in your life and use them as your support system to get through your one night or week long low point. Vent about what is bothering you, hear their stories about their own experiences and ask their advice to move forward. I promise after your dinner and vent session you will feel better and be put at ease that the wedding will still happen whether or not every t is crossed and i dotted.

I have already gone on longer than expected but I wanted to leave you with some tips on ways to make your wedding planning low point... not so low. 1. Time spent planning your wedding with your fiance - should not take away from your time spent together going on dates or just spending quality time together. 2. When you feel overwhelmed - stop. Take a break and find an activity to get your mind off of the planning. 3. Don’t take on planning alone! A bottle of wine and a couple of friends can make wedding planning a lot less painful and also gives you other opinions for all of the many decisions. 4. Outsource. Delegate checklist tasks to your family and friends such as finding specific items, designing the paper items or stuffing welcome bags. 5. Make lists, lots of lists. This isn’t for everyone but personally I am a list maker. I suggest having a long master list and then off of that list create a daily list. This makes your planning more manageable. By accomplishing one item a day, no matter how small the task you will go to sleep feeling accomplished.

I want this to be open to all brides and past brides - please share what made you reach your low point, and what or who got you through it so you could get back to being optimistic about the last few months of your wedding planning.
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