Bridal Shower Idea: A New-Fashioned Tea Party

Posted by Azure on September 9th, 2010
If the phrase “tea party” makes you think of little girls and stuffed animals, or little old ladies in gloves, or worse-yet, political parties, it’s time to rethink things!

Tea parties are still a great idea for a bridal shower, after all, what's not to love about retro-elegance and girl talk?
These are some of our favorite tea party bridal shower ideas.

But, just because you’re having a tea party doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy and old fashioned! The new tea party has modern tastes AND modern drinks!

Check out our advice section for some great updated recipes for your tea party shower including:

White Bean & Sage Fritters from Karter Louis of Hillbilly Tea, the hippest new eatery in Louisville, KY.

Upside Down Peach/Rhubarb Polenta cake from the nice folks at Mirassou Winery.

And for those who like the idea of tea, but not really the idea of being a “teatotaller” H. Joseph Ehrmann, owner and chief mixologist of Elixir located in San Francisco suggests a Ruby Chai Appeltini! Photo Credits (from L to R)

Tea Party Invitation from Happy Hound Creative Hillbilly Tea

Upside Down Peach Rhubarb from Mirassou Ruby Chai Appeltini from Elixir Helpful Links Recipes for a New Tea Party
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