Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette from The Man Registry: Party Down?

Posted by Azure on October 13th, 2010
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From time to time, we receive an interesting question from a user that simply must be answered in a public forum. Take this one on drunken rehearsal dinners for example:

Q -We’re holding our rehearsal dinner at my parent’s house. Very casual, very low-key. Our wedding party members are all old friends from college and things generally get pretty crazy when they’re all together. If a full-on party breaks out, should we shut it down? Or go with the flow? Thanks in advance, Brandon TMR Answer: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks at the rehearsal dinner – especially if it’s taking place in a low-key setting. As the groom, you may even want to leave your personal mark on the festivities by having a few favorite beers or liquors for everyone to sample or have with dinner. However, if your rehearsal dinner is like 99.9% of rehearsal dinners– it’s taking place the night before the wedding. Taking this into account, you may want to skip the beer pong and flippy cup games. That is, after all, what the bachelor party was for. Trust me, the last thing you want on the wedding day is your groomsmen showing up for photographs hung-over and having to take frequent vomit breaks. Go easy at the rehearsal dinner and save the party for the reception!

----- We’d love to hear what OneWed readers think about the concept of partying hard at the rehearsal dinner? Do you agree with our answer OR should it be party on? Let us know in the comments.
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