Adorable Junior Bridesmaid Dresses by Bride Chic

Posted by Azure on October 22nd, 2010
About Bride Chic

She's not young enough to be a flower girl; not quite old enough to be a real bridesmaid. To Americans junior bridesmaids may seem like a relatively new idea but girls twixt ten and fifteen have been gracing European weddings for centuries where the bridal party is made up primarily of children ranging in age from about four to sixteen. So how do you dress a girl between ten and fifteen? By fourteen she can probably go with or a least echo the adult bridesmaids. If she's under thirteen my advice is stay more in the young girl range of dress. While the trend in the past few years seems to be turning out Little Miss contestants in strapless satin with lipstick and heels, below you'll find a more wholesome look embracing that happy time of girlhood between 10 and 13... She'll look like a little angel!
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