Five Fabulous Green Gifts for Winter Bridesmaids by Recycled Bride

Posted by Azure on November 23rd, 2010
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Your winter wedding is near, and your bridesmaids are hard at work making sure to support you through last-minutes planning and see that your big day goes off without a hitch. How will you thank them? With eco-friendly gifts that keep them warm all winter and help contribute to a happier, healthier planet! Here are my top five picks for green gifts for winter bridesmaids: 1. Deliciously warm alpaca shawls from Global Goods Partners are Fair Trade treasures that will keep your girls cozy and stylish all winter long. Made by the indigenous Aymara Indians of Bolivia, who have been spinning alpaca yarn into blankets, sweaters and textiles for centuries, these shawls carry on an age-old tradition while supporting modern day artisans with living wages and community health and literacy projects. Each shawl is hand-woven using soft, silky alpaca fleece and dyed brilliant colors using natural herbs, walnuts and cochineal. 2. An eco-friendly tea set from Herbal Infusions keeps bridesmaids warm and healthy when it's cold outside. With yummy flavors like Caramel Kiss and Peppermint Dream, the teas offer health benefits in a beautiful package. Teas come in cedar chests made from reclaimed telephone poles, along with cedar coasters and honey sticks for a perfect presentation. 3. The Uhma Nagri Wellness Gift Set is a great gift for bridesmaids who do yoga, or want to start learning. The gift set includes Uhma Nagri’s signature Yoga Organic Body and Massage Oil, and Yoga Spot Massage Oil, both made with organic Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils from India. There's also a Yoga To Go travel-size instruction book, a Yoga Position card deck, a handy yoga strap, and seven Sandalwood incense cones with an accompanying brass incense holder. Packaged in a beautiful woven-wood box, this collection of yoga accessories is perfect for the beginner or the experience yogi, enhancing peace of mind and health. 4. Felted hot water bottle handmade in Massachusetts, made from all natural rubber from the Green Bride Guide gift shop. Wrapped in a soft and cozy handcrafted felt case, this gift provides comfort for aches and pains, or just cold toes on chilly winter nights. The natural rubber is a sap from the Para rubber tree, rather than a petroleum by-product like most synthetic rubbers. The handcrafted felted case in made of 100% post-consumer waste which has been washed, sterilized, and recombined to make beautifully soft and durable fabric. Best of all, this gift helps your girls conserve energy and save on their heating bills! 5. Eco-chic necklaces from Eco-Bling Couture's Etsy shop. This Etsy shop is filled with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind reclaimed necklaces made from recycled and broken jewelry. You can even send in your old damaged jewelry to have it re-worked into beautiful bridesmaids' gifts! Choose a unique necklace for each of your bridesmaids -- many will pair beautifully with a little black dress for holiday parties, guaranteeing that your girls will love their gifts and wear them all winter long.

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