You’ve Come a Long Way, Bridesmaid!

Posted by Azure on July 29th, 2011
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Recently I was on a wedding planner's blog when the question was posed: What do you do with difficult clients? I racked my brain to remember a bride who had given me hell and seriously in my almost thirty year career... I had to think.

I've had difficult situations; near impossible deadlines and wedding dresses so intricate I thought they'd never come together but eventually did. Then I remembered the sixth bridesmaid. Almost twenty years back I was comissioned to custom design gowns for six bridesmaids. We were still in the era of matchy-matchy pastels for spring/summer and jewel tones come fall/winter so we did a dropped-waist periwinkle number I thought maybe someone could actually wear after the wedding...

This was also back in the days when bridesmaids generally had to pay for their gowns. Five of these bridesmaids had the bodies of Grace Kelly give or take a couple inches in height and girth. The sixth bridesmaid was condiderably shorter and more compact. When she came in for fittings she was not cooportive, she was downright rude. She hated the design, she hated getting measured, she hated the whole experience period. Early on I figured she was was verbalizing to me that of which she couldn't to the bride which I'd guessed was, 'I'M GOING TO LOOK LIKE A BLIMP IN THIS DRESS ALONGSIDE ALL THOSE GRACE KELLYS!!!!'. After a discussion with the bride this was confirmed. Overall the experience of dressing those 'maids was a positive one but this was not the enlightened era we're in now of bridesmaids collaborating on the design. Perhaps if the sixth bridesmaid could have chosen her own neck and waistline, she might have been able to get through the process.

Here are some ideas that might save you and your bridesmaids anguish. Instead of charging your 'maids for their gowns then buying them a bridesmaid gift, how about paying for a design they'll feel good wearing and wear again? Yes, finally there are some great designs out there at prices that won't break your wedding budget. Not long ago, Two Birds changed the bridal industry with the convertible bridesmaid dress. Each design wraps 15 different ways to accentuate all those diverse bodies, with 20 colors and four different lengths to choose from. Add to that they also have plus sizes and carry flower girl dresses. Wow! How can you beat that?

Maybe you and your girls are leaning more to a fashion forward look. BHLDN is Anthropologie's niche collection-the one and same making a huge splash in bridal this year. And BHLDN's bridesmaids' dresses are just ahead of the curve and fabulous.
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