Mix n Match Bridesmaid Style: Inspiration for Your I Do’s!

Posted by Azure on September 15th, 2011
More and more brides are coming around and embracing the mix and match bridesmaid dress trend.

As you'll soon find out (from the gorgeous real wedding photos below), letting your 'maids choose dresses that flatter them and flatter your wedding style/color palette is a very chic, smart and unique choice! And it makes for one memorable wedding your guests will never forget.

And remember, mix and match doesn't apply just to the dress. Bridesmaids can embrace their individuality through mix and match accessories, like shoes, shrugs, shawls and rings. Just give them the guidance they need to make the right choice. If all you care about is that the color of the dress or shoes is a perfect match for the scarlet red or eggplant purple dominating your color palette, arm each 'maid with a swatch of that color. And if you want each of your bridesmaids to wear their favorite metallic frock, be very clear about which metallics work, and which do not.

If you do this, you'll be a happy, stress-free bride with very happy, appreciative bridesmaids! And if you love this wedding trend, find more inspiration mix n match inspiration HERE!

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