Keeping honeymoon costs down and the romance up

Posted by Azure on March 11th, 2009
Getting away with your groom is half the fun of getting married, but the honeymoon is another thing to budget for. A few tips and a little research can help you get the financial wiggle room to let you give your wanderlust free rein.

1. Work the off-season.

Love don't cost a thing.

Just a few weeks out of most tourist destinations’ high seasons, you’ll find the same great weather – but way more empty hotel rooms. You’ll be able to get better rates and should be able to get some good packages as an incentive to stay. Other adventures you’d like to take in the area will probably be less expensive as well… not to mention the possibility of having a beautiful beach, campground, or ski slope all to yourselves. 2. Cast a wide net.

The recession is working in your favor right now; motivated sellers are offering deals all over the Internet. Motivated creeps are all over the ‘net too, so make sure you stick to sites you trust or ask friends about travel booking sites they’ve had luck with in the past. If you’ve got your heart set on a particular destination, set up e-mail alerts with a few sites so you’ll be the first to know when fares drop. 3. Watch the exchange rates.

If you’re going overseas, traveling to a place where the dollar is strong, you’ll get more for your money while you’re there. Bring debit and credit cards with you – ATMs and direct credit card purchases will usually give you a much better exchange rates than currency exchange facilities… And your hotel will probably give you the worst. 4. Don’t forget that foreign countries have supermarkets and drugstores

Those little things you forgot like sunblock, razors, and hair product? Sure, it’s convenient to pick them up at the hotel gift shop, but it’s also really expensive. You may also want to pick up snacks for day trips. Ask a local – you usually don’t have to go far out of your way to save a lot. If you’re planning on having a quiet nightcap in, think about purchasing your alcohol outside of your hotel as well. Definitely don’t raid the minibar – you’ll get a nasty surprise on your bill at checkout. 5. It can’t hurt to ask.

More and more couples are setting up honeymoon registries. Guests who are wary about getting you that set of platinum salad tongs may be happy to contribute to your honeymoon and get you something they know you’ll enjoy. You can set up a plan for guests to contribute for hotel and air expenses, or you can register for tours and adventures you might want to take while you’re there. Look at companies like>A Great Affair to get an idea of what you can do.

Wherever you choose to go, remember that in the end it’s all about spending time with that fantastic groom of yours. With the right guy and the right attitude, you can make a romantic night out of a fire escape and a bag of peanuts. Shell a couple for me, and enjoy.
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