The Man Registry: Best Man Tips for Keeping the Bachelor Party Cheap

Posted by Azure on April 15th, 2009
About The Man Registry We’re taking a departure from our weekly advice for the groom to offer some tips to another guy who may need it: The Best Man
Hey Best Man!  Don’t break the bank with the Groom’s bachelor party!

As Best Man, you want to give your buddy the ultimate bachelor party send-off into married life. Only problem is that your wallet is feeling pretty light lately (Let’s face it, whose isn’t)?

Cuts in bachelor party festivities have been an unfortunate result of the economy we’re living in. However, this doesn’t mean that the party still can’t be a blast. Here are few quick tips on planning the big night with an emphasis on budget. Ask everyone to chip in

If the bachelor party involves hitting the town, there are sure to be plenty expenses. Whether its cab fares, gag gifts for the groom, dinner, or a hotel room for everyone to crash in – be sure to have the entire guest list chip in to help ease the burden on your pocket book. At the very least, the other groomsmen should expect to contribute to the night. Hold a bachelor party BBQ

The golden bachelor party rule is that the groom shouldn’t have to pay for food or drink the entire night. While great for the groom, it can really add up for those who are buying for him (you). An alternative is to hold the bachelor party at your house or the home of a friend/relative. This way, you can stock up his favorite cheap beer and grill out all in an affordable manner. Plan an outing

Not all bachelor parties need to involve beer and clubbing. The bachelor party is really supposed to be about the groom spending some quality time with his friends. If there is an activity that he enjoys such as camping, fishing, golf, paintball, video gaming, etc. – he’ll most likely appreciate a day or weekend devoted to it to celebrate his upcoming marriage. What’s great about these types of bachelor parties is that they don’t equal big costs. What ideas do the readers of The Savvy Scoop have for a cheap, but fun, bachelor party? Let’s hear ‘em!
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