Only In Europe… How To Raise Money For Your Wedding

Posted by Azure on June 5th, 2009
My oldest sister and her husband just celebrated their 1-year anniversary. In honor of their first happy year together, they took a trip to Europe. On my recommendation, they visited Capri, Italy, and agreed that it was truly one of the most romantic places on earth.
The beautiful couple sail together in Capri, Italy

Perfect for a honeymoon!

While in Frankfurt, Germany, they met a man who was getting married. To help pay for the wedding, he drew hearts on a white t-shirt, labeled each with a price (in Euros), and went walking around Germany to sell each heart. Knowing how expensive weddings are, they bought a heart for 1 euro.

Oh, how I miss Europe! Do you think this would fly here in the States??

Congratulations, Amber and Luke! You are such a beautiful couple!

Groom sells hearts cut from his t-shirt to help pay for his wedding

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