The Bespoke Bride: Budget Wisely, But Splurge For Your Dream Wedding Dress!

Posted by Azure on June 18th, 2009
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As a bride-to-be one of the most frequently asked questions seems to be, “So? Do you have your dress?”. I get this. It makes sense. The Dress plays a big role in a wedding. I know it’s the first thing I’m looking at when the bride is walking down the aisle .

It’s probably the most significant single piece of clothing you’ll purchase. For many, it’s also the most expensive single piece of clothing they will purchase. And only wear once. ONCE. That’s not a high ROI. I fancy myself a rationale person who wouldn’t get caught up in the wedding planning. Someone who would approach wedding purchases with the same sound logic used with every day purchases: Spend more money on something I will get more use from and less money on something I won’t.

When I first went dress shopping I was bound and determined not to spend an insane about of money on a dress– on principle alone. It’s a dress after all. I’m wearing it for, what, 8 hours? I’ll walk down the aisle. He’ll see me, we’ll cry. Vows. Dancing. Drinking. Home. Dry cleaners. End of story. I don’t believe in passing a wedding dress down to a daughter that has yet to exist with the intent it will actually be worn. So I don’t plan on having any reason to keep it. All the more reason to spend as little as possible on it.

Dress shopping started 8 months before the wedding; I’d visit a salon every few weeks, starting with the stores that had the most selection. Just getting a sense for what style was right for me. Not feeling overly concerned when I couldn’t find anything I quickly realized that I may need to increase the budget. When I hit the 6 month mark, I started seriously looking at the the higher-end salons in the city. I felt a bit dismayed that I couldn’t find a dress a liked, let alone loved and upped the budget… again.

After visiting almost all the salons in city, some twice, 5 months before the wedding I finally decided to make an appointment at a couture wedding designer. I knew what the dresses started at but I told myself that I should check it out just so I can rule it out. So I knew that I had fully exhausted all possibilities. . My experience at the salon was amazing and I found my dress. The dress. The one I finally felt like a million bucks in.

As I walked out of the store with the deposit receipt in hand, I finally understand that the return on your investment has nothing to do with numbers: Your wedding dress isn’t an ordinary purchase. It’s the outfit you wear to one of the most significant events you'll experience. An event that you will reference for the rest of your life. You should love how you feel in your dress and how you look in the photos that captured the day. That’s sound logic.

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