Bubbly Bride: Add Twinkle to your Winter Wedding

Posted by Azure on December 14th, 2009
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When brainstorming how to decorate your winter wedding, think outside of the box. Change up the typical wedding decor and add some twinkle to your day. Adding lights gives the reception a much more whimsical feel. Your guests will enjoy the atmosphere since it will appear as if they are walking into a fantasy world. They can leave their worries at the door and for tonight they can dance and drink and be surrounded with sparkle.

If you have over a year to plan your event I suggest starting early. On your first Christmas while engaged, once the season is over- go out and purchase as many Christmas lights ON SALE as you anticipate using (and some extra)! This will help you save money while maximizing on sparkle!

If you are considering decorating with twinkle lights consult with your venue early, possibly even before signing a contract. If you know that these lights are how you want to set up your wedding you need to ensure that the electricity and fire code are up to date and capable of supporting your event. This can be as simple or as detailed as you would like, the more lights- the more stringing and electricity you will need. The higher the ceiling, the more ladders and man hours will need to be utilized.

You may have some handy family members who can spend the day decorating- or you might need to find a good company to hire that is comfortable with the job. Some venues might even require that you use a contractor to come in and handle these specifics. Just some thoughts to consider early on so you don't have to worry about them later!

String these lights in trees, up staircases or across the ceiling. Dazzle your guests with a magical night celebrating your new marriage!

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