Recycled Bride: Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses, Part 2

Posted by Azure on December 23rd, 2009
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Welcome back to Recycled Bride's roundup of the freshest ideas in ethical bridalwear. Last week we talked about recycling and reusing your dress through online resale, and I shared some of the latest styles from the hottest eco-friendly wedding dressdesigners around. Today in Part 2, you'll learn even more exciting ways to wear the dress of your dreams and be kind to the planet. • Rent a wedding gown. Grooms have been getting married in rented tuxedos since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of tux shops), so why shouldn't brides do the same? Renting is environmentally friendly for the same reason that buying gently used wedding dresses is: Reusing a gown reduces the demand for newly manufactured wedding dresses, which in turn reduces the amount of natural resources consumed and pollution created by dress production, packaging and transport. If you're marrying in a destination wedding city like Vegas or Hawaii, you'll find an abundance of wedding dress rental shops. Dependable online wedding dress rentals are harder to come by, but as demand increases for sustainable and affordable wedding dress options, expect to see the emergence of new websites for wedding dress rentals. • Share the joy -and the cost- of your wedding dress with other brides in your area. Inspired by the innovative folks over at BrideShare, many brides are forming small local "collectives" that allow them to chip in for and share expensive wedding items like dresses and decorations. Hook up with one or two other brides with similar taste and measurements, and you'll significantly cut the cost and the carbon footprint of your dream dress. • Redesign your wedding gown so you can wear it again. Pick a dress that you can shorten, dye, or otherwise alter after your trip to the altar. A shortened version of Sarah Jessica Parker's Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from Sex and the City makes a fabulous party frock. If you're not DIY-inclined, send your dress to Recycle My Dress for a makeover. • Repurpose your dress and use it to decorate your new marital home. You can make pillows or a quilt using the fabric from your wedding gown, turning it into a useful and meaningful part of your everyday married life. Use these pillows by Ankasa as inspiration for your own repurposed wedding dress bedding. • Donate your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer, or purchase your dress from this fantastic organization. They do a 32-city tour every year, selling new and preowned donated dresses to brides across the country, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research.

One of the best ways to be an eco-chic bride is to reduce the amount of waste you create on your wedding day. Do something useful, creative, or charitable with your wedding dress to keep the sustainable spirit of your wedding day alive.

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