Recycled Bride: Get Your Eco-Drink On At Your Wedding!

Posted by Azure on March 15th, 2010
About Recycled Bride Raise your glass to a sustainable and affordable friendly wedding bar!

When you go out with your girls, you know how your bar tab can really add up? Well, your wedding is kind of like that- except that you're stocking the bar and paying the check. Oh, and all your friends are in a partying mood! So how can you serve them delicious drinks and cocktails without breaking the bank- and while also loving the environment? I'm a big believer in the theory that wine + beer + signature cocktail = a perfectly wonderful wedding bar. It's less expensive and easier to limit liquor choices, and your guests will be totally satisfied with these three options if you make them fun and delicious. Now all you'll need is a magic organic hangover remedy. I'll let you know as soon as one is discovered! Wine: A few glasses of wine with dinner is supposed to be good for everyone, including your wedding guests. But most wine is made from conventionally grown grapes, which are laden with cancer-causing pesticides. Organic wines don't contain the chemicals and sulfites that can harm your health and the environment. In fact, many people claim that organic wines don't cause the same hangover that conventional wines do (though that may be unscientific research, partially based on my own brave wine-drinking adventures!) To buy wine for your big day, try a few organic bottles from your local Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to see which you like best. Then talk to the store's wine buyer about their bulk discounts. Both of these stores offer great bulk wine deals that vary by region and season. Beer: Organic Beer? Yes! I can practically hear your man rolling his eyes! But when you serve him a Peak Organic Brewing Company beer, he'll want to make that kiss at the altar last even longer. Because Peak Organic makes some of the finest handcrafted artisanal ales in the world. And there are plenty of other beweries using organic ingredients to create insanely delicious beers. To really cut back on your carbon footprint, save the fuel wasted on transport and find a local brewery that you like. Ask them for a special price on kegs of beer, which will also eliminate the waste from bottles and cans, and save you a bunch of cash! Spirits: This is the fun part! Inject a little personality into your sustainable drink selection by creating a signature cocktail that uses organic ingredients. Having a pink-themed wedding? Try blushy cosmopolitans with organic vodka and a puree of organic locally-picked limes. Or use my favorite organic tequila, 4 Copas, and borrow their fabulous all-natural Mojito recipe. All you need is Organic 4 Copas Blanco Tequila, organic agave nectar, organic limes or lime juice, a few bunches of organic mint, and some sparkling water. Viola! A sophisticated and sustainable cocktail that will get your guests partying the night away. Champagne: Is a champagne toast a prerequisite for a wedding? I don't think so. Your guests will be happy to raise their glasses to you with whatever's in them! But if you're a champagne girl, you're in luck, because there are new and exciting sustainable options for the bubbly. Real Champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France, and Serge Faust is made exclusively from organic grapes grown in the Vandières region of Champagne, France. It's authentic, organic, and tasty. A perfect- and perfectly sustainable- glass to raise and say "Cheers!" Helpful Links: Green Wedding Ideas Get Your Cocktail On
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