Recycled Bride: The Green Groom, And His Eco-Chic Formal Wedding Attire

Posted by Azure on April 12th, 2010
About Recycled Bride How your man can walk down the aisle in eco-friendly style

Green isn't just for us girls! Eco-friendlygroomswear comes in all kinds of styles, and your faves will depend on you and your groom's personal values. Earthy dudes can pick a suit or tux made from natural materials like hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton. For animal lovers, formalwear may make use of vegan-friendly synthetics that eliminate wool and other animal products, and non-leather shoes. Locally designed and manufactured formalwear will reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating transportation emissions, and Fair Trade materials ensure that your groom's gear was created by workers paid a living wage. Here are just a few of the best ways for grooms to go green: Rental The most common choice for groomswear is also the most Earth-friendly! More than 90% of grooms rent their formalwear, which is a fantastic way of participating in an already-established system for reducing, reusing and recycling. Earn extra eco-points if your local tuxedo rental place uses an eco-friendly dry cleaner, or offers a discount for letting you handle the dry cleaning yourself. Formalwear in Eco-fabrics As more men demand sustainable attire that looks great, big-name designers are responding by creating formalwear and sportcoats in eco-friendly fabrics. This casual-chic Armani Collezioni jacket is made from bamboo-based twill and would be perfect for a beach wedding. Versace's Eco-Vegan Bamboo Sportcoat is a dressier option. Vegan grooms will love Rawganique's selection of eco-friendly menswear in cruelty-free, EU-certified organic hemp. Vintage or Preowned Always my personal favorite, vintage and preowned men's formalwear gives you the best of all worlds: It's affordable, reusable, and recycled. Rusty Zipper has an incredible selection of affordable vintage menswear. You'll have a blast browsing their men's formalwear, which includes everything from classic black tuxes to sophisticated '50s mod styles to wild '70s leisure suits. This shop is heaven for funky, retro grooms and groomsmen. And of course, I can't go without mentioning's very own gently used groomswear section, where you can buy or sell anything and everything for the groom- even these super-cool recycled groomsmen gifts! Is your groom interested in going green for your wedding day? Do you think your man would wear a recycled or eco-vegan suit or tux?

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