The Man Registry: What To Do With All That Wedding Cash!

Posted by Azure on April 28th, 2010
About The Man Registry

Cold hard cash is still one of the most popular gifts to give for weddings. And what’s not to like? Cash gives the couple many options and provides a sense of comfort for newlyweds just starting out.

Now assuming you aren’t getting married in Las Vegas, you’ll have a big pile of cash the day after the wedding and you’ll be faced with a question: “What should we do with it?” There are two obvious options: bank it or spend it. Option 1: Bank It

If you’re conservative, this presents a great opportunity to start a joint savings account or another type of investment. The money could go towards starting a retirement fund, buying stock, or saving for a down payment on a house. There’s really no going wrong when you’re saving for the future. Option 2: Spend it

An equal number of other couples will put their wedding cash towards the honeymoon. This is not a bad idea as it allows you to save the cash you would otherwise be spending on dinners, drinks, excursions on your honeymoon. The cash you rake in can also go towards buying gifts that were not purchased off of your wedding registry. Recommendation: We think the safest bet is doing a little of both. Let’s say you get $2,000 in cash gifts. Why not put half of it in the bank (or other investment) and use the other half as “mad money” for the honeymoon. This gives you the comfort of knowing you’re saving, but also allows you to kick back and enjoy a few extra mojitos on the honeymoon. Helpful Links: Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planning Budget Wedding Ideas Wedding Advice
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