Featured Los Angeles Wedding At The Skirball Cultural Center

Posted by Azure on May 25th, 2010
Featured Wedding at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA

For today's gorgeous featured wedding, we've got the inside scoop from Jennifer McGarigle, founder of FloralArt in Venice, CA. Jennifer was the fab florist for this California wedding, and is a favorite among celebs too! She was the brains behind the floral beauty at both Milla Jovovich’s and Jamie Pressley’s star-studded weddings. We asked Jennifer some questions about how the Skirball wedding came together, and her expert answers are below. Enjoy! What was your inspiration for this wedding?

I was inspired by a blend of materials and flowers that have a glam-organic look. Often ‘organic’ has a rustic association and I wanted to create a clean, lined, and elegant variation of this. How and why did you choose the flower pairings & color palette?

By taking the organic shape of Manzanita Branches and painting them with antique gold, we were able to make these typically rustic branches more glamorous. The juxtaposition of these organic shapes paired with soft blush, champagne, and cream garden roses, hydrangea, and orchids makes for a romantic look. The darker plum calla lilies and chocolate brown succulents give the floral centerpieces a sexy edge. What was your favorite floral arrangement at the wedding?

I adored the chuppah! As elaborate as it was, it maintained an understated, tailored look with a delicate feeling. The cherry blossoms provided a nice punch of pink for the wedding ceremony background. Most people probably don’t realize this, but the cherry blossoms are actually artificial; we never use anything that’s not real, but in this case, the blossoms were far enough away that it was not obvious. And while the real thing is always desirable when it comes to your wedding flowers, artificial flowers cost less and are always in bloom! So throwing in some good fakes is a wonderful budget-friendly option. How did your floral arrangements and bouquets kick the vibe of this wedding up a few notches?

Obviously, the most important part of a wedding is the people. But, the wedding décor is what provides an insight into the couple’s style aesthetic and a whimsical, romantic environment in which to celebrate. And, one thing I always keep in mind... everything is better when beautiful! Helpful Links: Wedding Flowers Delivered Right To Your Door Find Your Dream Wedding Florist

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