DIY Wedding Invitations and Favors: Is It Really Budget-Friendly?

Posted by Azure on October 26th, 2010
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DIY is all the rage these days, and it's easy to understand why. Who doesn’t love to be creative? And your wedding day is the perfect time to show off your personality and style with handcrafted touches. If you’re an artistic bride who loves all things DIY, Jean M salutes you!

But if your sole reason for deciding to DIY your wedding invitations and favors is to save money, think carefully. As with anything, there are hidden costs involved when you DIY, and one major cost to consider is the opportunity cost of the time you'll spend crafting it out on your DIY wedding projects. And when you’re engaged and planning a wedding, time is precious! When contemplating whether or not to create your own DIY wedding invitations and favors, consider the following... - You’ll have to buy all the paper for your invitations separately (the invitation cards and enclosure cards, layers, pockets, envelopes, ribbon). The flip-side? Most pro stationers have special pricing for invitation styles that include layers and pockets and printing, and it’s usually more affordable than you think. - Your home printer will be working overtime with all the invite pieces you must print! AND, when you factor in ink cartridge costs and the price of printing countless “test” runs to get things perfect, you (and your budget) might be better off going with a pro. - All of the trimming, arranging, and assembling will fall onto your already full plate. But if you hire a professional printer, your wedding invitations will be cut and sized perfectly, and some will even do the assembling for you (at an affordable price). - For your DIY wedding favors, you’ll have to buy all the favor boxes, bags, wraps, seals, etc.. And since only a professional stationer’s special equipment can handle non-standard printing, you won't be able to add those special touches if you DIY.

But don’t get discouraged! You can still create a custom look for your professionally printed invitations and favors by adding little touches here and there. And that is where Jean M comes in! We love helping brides do as much or as little DIY as they desire. Below are a few top tips and ideas for achieving a DIY look without all of the hassle! 1. Add ribbon, a sprinkling of adhesive rhinestones (bling, bling!) or other chic embellishments to your professionally printed wedding invitations. 2. Order blank favor boxes and printed seals, and put them together for a totally unique fun and fabulous look! 3. Mix and match favor box and ribbon colors, and add a little embellishment, like a paper flower, sparkly rhinestone or pearl, or special saying from you and your groom. The sky is the limit!

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