Executing “A” and “B” Wedding Guest Lists in 5 Easy Steps from The Man Registry

Posted by Azure on November 3rd, 2010
About The Man Registry Struggling with a guest list that exceeds the limited space at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception venue? Try this:

1 - Create an “A” list that consists of guests that you absolutely want to be at the wedding. This would obviously include close family, relatives and friends. It’s also a very good idea to invite couples that have invited you to their wedding. 2 - Create a “B” list that includes guests on the fringe. These guests would not be guaranteed to be invited unless people from the “A” list RSVP“no”. 3 - Rank your “B” list in order of importance. 4 – Send out invitations to everyone on the “A” list. 5 – Each time you get a “no” RSVP from the “A” list, send out an invitation to the highest ranked person on your “B” list.

This method of sending out invites should help ensure that the people you most want at your wedding are there while making the best use of your event space. Are you planning on using “A” and “B” lists for your wedding invitations? Let us know in the comments section below.
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