3 Unique Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

Posted by Azure on December 2nd, 2010
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Learn 3 unique ways to save big on your wedding reception

3 Unique Ways to Save Big on the Wedding Reception

If you’ve started planning your wedding you may have realized how quickly costs add up and how expensive your big day can be. With food, beverages, decorations and rental fees, the wedding reception is typically the highest cost. But not too worry; we’ve got a lot of money saving tips to help you stay within your wedding budget. When every little bit counts there are plenty of ways to cut costs without making it look like you cut corners. Wedding Venue

Where you decide to have your reception can determine the whole theme of the wedding. There may be a venue where you’ve always imagined getting married but that perfect place may come at a high price. It never hurts to ask for a discount. One easy way to do this is to get married on a weekday; weekends are almost always at a premium price. Another unique way to cut expenses is to ask for a cash discount. It costs merchants an average of 2% (or more) to process a credit card transaction, so pay cash for your reception and ask if they’ll accept a cash discount. Wedding Decorations Wedding decorations can really add to the atmosphere of your wedding but they will also really add to your budget. Creating your own centerpieces can help stretch your wedding dollars. Consider buying gently used wedding decorations online or search for inexpensive vases at outlet stores. Fill the vases with oversized feathers or find a wholesale flower site and have them shipped to you. Calla lilies are a great choice because they look beautiful and are very easy to arrange. Food & Beverages

Sure, we’d all love to have filet mignon and lobster at our wedding but that’s not realistic for many couples. Consider serving appetizers with seafood or steak during cocktail hour and serve less expensive entrees during your reception like chicken or pasta. If you don’t want the bar bill to spiral out of control there are a few tricks to keep it within your budget. I love champagne but I didn’t love the $1500 extra additional cost our venue was going to charge for a champagne toast. So skip the champagne and let guests toast with what they are already drinking. Don’t announce a last call for drinks; this just encourages guests to go get one more even if they don’t need it. Lastly, if you can find a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcohol this can cut your beverage costs by at least half.

Have fun and remember that your wedding is about sharing your life with the one you love, not about how much money you spent on it.
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