Top 5 Ways to Create Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Posted by Azure on December 16th, 2010
Special to OneWed by Susan Alexander-Shapiro

I love receiving wedding invitations in the mail; they usually set the tone and theme for a wedding. However, when I got married I quickly realized that these beautiful invitations can be quite expensive and put a dent in your wedding budget that you hadn't anticipated.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can still have fabulous wedding invitations without breaking the bank. We’ve come up with a short list to help you get started. •Save postage and additional paper cost on your wedding invitations by forgoing the inner envelope reply card and asking guests to RSVP online or by phone. If you do ask them to reply online, create an email address only for RSVPs so they don’t get lost and mixed in with work or personal email messages. •Avoid over-sized or bulky invitations since this greatly increases your postage costs. Sure, a square envelope is nice but the extra postage can really add up if you have dozens or even hundreds of invitations to mail. •Skip separate reception cards and have the reception information printed on the bottom of the invitation. If you can’t fit all of the reception details on your invitation then provide a link to your wedding website with more information. •Assemble your own invites- instead of paying extra for your invitations to arrive assembled, buy a few bottles of wine, gather friends and have an invitation assembly party! Just don’t spill the wine on your invitations by accident. •Forgo custom-designed wedding invitations. A lot of wedding vendors can offer more budget-friendly lines of invitations. Beth Fruchtman from Forever Friends Fine Stationary recommends a line called Value with Style. They are very affordable and come in a variety of ready-made designs and themes. Brides, what other creative ways to save money on your invitations are you privy to? Let us know by commenting below!
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