Conquer Your Wedding Budget in 5 Simple Steps

Posted by Azure on January 12th, 2011
Our CEO might not have an eye for drool-worthy design or wedding dresses... but one thing he knows is finance!

John Scrofano, CEO of, shares his wedding budget starter list- 5 Steps to Conquering Your Wedding Budget- in our Wedding Advice section today!

He even created a super helpful priority-based wedding budget planner just for you! This wedding planning template can be customized no matter what your wedding budget, so use this baby to give your wedding budget a serious beat down!

Starting off your marriage with financial security and a cushion built in is much better than spending the next 3 years making credit card payments to pay off your lavish wedding. And armed with the two budgeting resources below, you'll be on your way to a blissful, stress-free wedding planning process! Helpful Links

- 5 Steps to Conquering Your Wedding Budget

- Priority-based wedding budget planner
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