Budget Wedding Idea: 9 Specialty Beers for Your Reception!

Posted by Azure on November 19th, 2011


Is your man a big beer drinker? If the answer is yes, have you considered incorporating specialty brews into your special day?

We’ve noticed a growing trend of couples’ serving beer at their I Do’s and it’s easy to understand what’s driving this wedding trend. Beer is a budget-friendly alternative to wine, with the priciest 6-pack of craft beer typically costing less than a single bottle of vino. If you’re trying to come up with creative ideas to save your wedding budget, this is one way to save big! And not only that... you’ll make a major statement and leave a lasting impression on wedding guests.

Beer doesn’t have to mean football, La-Z-Boy recliners and gag-worthy burps. Craft beers and specialty brews are more unique, fancy and widely available than ever before. To help you along the way, we've rounded up 9 tasty beers perfect for your wedding reception:

1. Matilda—dubbed the champagne of beer, you can’t go wrong by serving Matilda at your reception. To add an extra special twist, fill flutes with Matilda instead of traditional champagne for the celebratory toast at your wedding reception.

2. Delirium Tremens—artsy brides & grooms will die over the packaging of this Belgian strong pale ale. Served in an opaque speckled bottle with a funky elephant motif, Delirium tastes as delicious as it looks!

3. Hoegaarden Original—a lighter beer with a lower alcohol content (5%), tread lightly while enjoying this brew in London (locals may call you a snob). But if you include Hoegaarden in your wedding reception lineup, you'll hear nothing but praise from your wedding guests!

4. Duvel—another fantastic Belgian strong pale ale, Duvel is often referred to as a miracle brew by beer affectionados. Super pale in color with a heavy kick of alcohol (9%), Duvel defies all odds and tastes like a dream.

5. Three Philosophers—for the big drinkers at your wedding, this quad beer has a hefty alcohol content of 9.8%. The Three Philosophers packaging is perfect, ideal for a vintage-inspired wedding, and the taste is one-of-a-kind!

6. Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue)—brewed within the walls of a trappist monestary under the control of trappist monks, this beer is a conversation piece in its own right. Despite its high alcohol content, Chimay is easy to drink and goes down smooth as butter.

7. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale—the name says it all! Brewed especially for the holidays, Celebration is perfect for winter wedding I Do's!

8. Young's Double Chocolate Stout—a tasty treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, this beer will satisfy the cravings of beer lovers and chocolate lovers alike! Invite guests to wash down their wedding cake with Young's chocolate stout and you'll see nothing but smiles.

9. Sofie—Matilda's chic little sister, the Belgian style Sophie is aged in wine barrels with orange peel, giving this sophisticated brew a zesty zing. The hint of orange combined with a creamy vanilla finish will make your guests feel like they're sipping on a creamsicle!

Have you considered serving beer at your wedding reception? If so, was it for budget reasons or personal preferences? What other budget wedding ideas for your reception have you considered? Post a comment or tweet @OneWed to dish your thoughts!

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