6 Ways to Save on Wedding Catering

Posted by Azure on August 3rd, 2011
Wedding catering is not cheap, it can take a big bite out of your wedding budget. But with a little creativity and some help from OneWed, you won't break the budget with your wedding reception bites!

Here are 6 simple ways to save big on your wedding catering:

1. Transform the basics, and avoid high-end, pricey ingredients. Everyone loves raw veggies and dip, so why not spruce up this staple for a wedding reception appetizer. Take fancy shot glasses and fill with ranch, blue cheese or another veggie dip (just enough to cover the bottom of the glass). Place sticks of carrots and celery in each glass, and voila! You've got a budget-friendly appetizer your guests will love! 2. Nix the seafood: Seafood is expensive! So unless you're a fish aficionado, leave the seafood off your reception menu. 3. Try an ethnic menu: One of our top trends for 2011 was ethnic-infused I Do's. And serving non-traditional, ethnic cuisine can cut your catering costs in a major way. Reach out to your favorite ethnic restaurant (think Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, etc.) and inquire about catering options and costs. 4. Offer fewer choices: Every couple wants happy wedding guests, but that doesn't mean you should offer a plethora of entree options to ensure each guest gets their favorite meal. If you offer just two entree choices, one meat and one vegetarian, you'll slash your catering costs in one fell swoop! 5. Make the salad special: A simple salad is as budget-friendly as they come. But when a few fancy ingredients (like prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella, candied nuts, or hearts of palm) are placed on a bed of greens, the simple salad is transformed! 6. Change up the dessert: We already shared ways to save on your wedding cake. And if you skip the cake (#4 on our list) altogether, you can save even more. There are tons of alternatives to wedding cake, from cupcakes and pies to a dessert or candy bars.
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