The Bachelorette and Wedding Etiquette

Posted by Azure on August 3rd, 2009
Happy Monday! I know a lot of people were very excited that the Bachelorette's Jillian Harris and Chicagoan Ed Swiderski got engaged.

Given that Jillian is Canadian, my big question is “Will she have a wedding social?”
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Before I go on, let me be clear. Unless you already know what a wedding social is, and live in a community where they are expected, you are NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS!

Apparently in some parts of Canada, family members of the bride and groom throw a huge fundraiser, or social, to help pay for the wedding.

People, even strangers, buy tickets to the event, which usually includes a lot of alcohol, food, raffle prizes and sometimes a silent auction. Local businesses donate items for the raffle and auction. The money raised is used to pay for the wedding, and to get the couple started in life.

I loved learning about this because it just points out how subjective our ideas about what is and isn’t acceptable for a wedding are. If a friend of mine here in Chicago attempted to do this, I’d be appalled. But, if I lived in Winnipeg, I might be offended if I weren’t given the chance to participate.

Just some wedding food for thought to get your week started.
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