Pam and Jim: The Office Wedding!

Posted by Azure on October 9th, 2009
OK, so I must admit, we’ve been following the wedding plans of Jim and Pam from The Office pretty closely here at OneWed.
Pam’s dress from David’s Bridal is sleeveless and perfect for her character.

Before the show even aired last night, we knew Pam would be walking down the aisle in a David's Bridal wedding dress, accessorized with an Energy Muse Sri Yantra Oval Pendant (thought to bring affluence, abundance, blessings and love into one's life).

It’s just that so much of what’s been happening is equal parts hilarious parody and painfully realistic! It's funny, because it's true.

For starters, there’s the horribly boring, yet realistic, website. Why, oh why didn’t someone tell Pam about Wedding Pre-Party? Not only would the Guest Profiles have avoided Dwight’s ridiculous binder of single women, but the customizable websites would have been perfect for Pam, whose original career plan was to be a graphic designer.

In the past few weeks I’ve found myself wanting to yell at the TV “No, don’t invite people you don’t want to come.”“Please, register for something, or you’ll confuse people!”

Although the co-workers hijacking of the wedding was exaggerated, I think most brides can relate to the feeling that somehow it’s all gotten away from you. I thought Jim’s solution of a secret elopement was perfect, and just showed that no matter what the circumstances, the only thing that really matters is that you marry the person who understands you best!

What about you? What movie or TV wedding reminds you the most of your own?

Pam’s empire waist wedding dress is the perfect solution for a pregnant bride.

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