Are Divorces the New Weddings?

Posted by Azure on October 14th, 2009
As you may have seen on our news’ section, last week’s Project Runway featured the designers reworking the wedding dresses of divorced women.
This divorce cake is a traditional white two-tiered wedding cake split in half

The idea was to create an outfit the woman could wear in her “new life.” I've seen a lot of articles lately about bakeries that specialize in “divorce cakes,” cakes that celebrate divorces, usually with a humorous take on wedding cakes.

As a general rule, I don’t have a problem with divorce. I think relationships are difficult and we all have to come up with solutions that work for us. I don’t think divorce is going to be the end of civilization, but I do wonder what’s behind this new celebration of divorce? Is it just making the best of a difficult situation? Could acknowledging the reality of divorce actually be good for marriage? What do you think?

This divorce cake is a white heart wedding cake with black icing

If you have to cut up a wedding dress, these five ugly wedding dresses featured on Project Runway ar

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